I want to create online content

I want to create online content


The Center for Research and Development of Higher Education films lectures and publishes them as online resources, as well as supporting the development of new online global courses.

I want to develop online courses


MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are courses shared on the Internet that people can take inexpensively or free of charge. Participants from across the world carry out their studies through class videos, online tests, and other methods. Courses last a few weeks or months, and a certificate will be issued to those who pass the course by achieving certain grades.

  • UTokyo shares online courses on two types of platforms: Coursera and edX.
  • These courses have over 30 million registered participants.
  • We offer courses free of charge across a wide range of fields with the aim of education and learning.

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I want to publish online resources

UTokyo OCW

UTokyo OCW provides lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo freely available for anyone. It is one of the “Opening of the Gates of Knowledge” programs at the University.

  • Over 1,400 lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo are available (as of July 2020).
  • Anyone can view/use the resources free of charge.
  • Contents can be viewed with smartphones and tablets.
  • Various functions: My List function, keyword searches, and visual displays of the connections between lectures via MIMA Search.
  • The resources can be used as educational and teaching materials under our Creative Commons License (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works).
UTokyo OCW

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UTokyo TV

UTokyo TV offers videos of events held at the University of Tokyo, such as open lectures and seminars. All videos are open to the public for free.
Enjoy learning with our huge collection of videos based on research and educational activities at the University of Tokyo!

  • Videos of various events held at UTokyo
  • Open to the public for free
  • Over 1,200 videos
  • Some videos are also available on the UTokyo TV YouTube channel.
  • Some videos are limited to UTokyo staff and students.
  • Viewable with smartphones and tablets

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UTokyo eLF

The UTokyo eLF (e-Learning Forum) provides educational/research resources of the University of Tokyo as learning materials.

  • You can share information via the platform with anyone regardless of their affiliation with the University of Tokyo.
  • The system offers a variety of functions such as managing users, conducting/grading short quizzes, and adding up the results.
  • The LMS was developed based on CANVAS (open source).
  • We aim to broaden our educational sphere through information exchange on the UTokyo eLF.
UTokyo eLF

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