UTokyo FD in English

UTokyo Faculty Development (FD) in English encompasses the group of initiatives offered in English by the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education aiming to support the educational development of those who teach or aim to teach at university level.

These initiatives, at present, involve two main programs focused on the development of teaching competences:

  • The University of Tokyo Global Future Faculty Development (UTokyo Global FFDP), a 4-month program open exclusively to UTokyo members.
  • The University of Tokyo Faculty Development Open (UTokyo FD Open)”, a series of workshops open both to UTokyo and non-UTokyo members.

The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Development Program(UTokyo Global FFDP)


  • UTokyo Global FFDP is open to those who are affiliated with the University of Tokyo as graduate students and faculty members. We also offer the option to attend as observers for those who belong to other institutions.
  • It has been designed with an international perspective to support the participants in acquiring educational and practical competences to fulfill the role of teaching at universities in Japan and overseas. 
  • Upon successful completion, participants are able to obtain a certificate issued by the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, the University of Tokyo and 2 credits (graduate students).
  • Participants can create bonds with colleagues from different countries and disciplines (on its first edition, we had participants from 15 countries). Also, you can gain access to a network with information on research and recruitments.












For more information about the program, please click HERE.

The University of Tokyo Faculty Development Open(UTokyo FD Open)

  • UTokyo FD Open is a series of workshops addressing educational topics relevant to those interested in developing their teaching skills building upon the experience of UTokyo Global FFDP.
  • Participants are able to obtain a certificate.
  • Events are held throughout the year both in-person and online.
  • UTokyo FD Open consists of workshops on key educational topics and reflection sessions to discuss real in-class situations.
  • The workshops emphasize RDP: reflection, discussion and practice.
  • The workshops are open to anyone interested in improving their teaching skills, regardless of the affiliation/institution.
Topics of the different workshop of UTokyo FD Open

Digital teaching materials

In FY2015, we developed a series of video clips featuring group discussions in classes. These video clips illustrate problematic situations that lecturers are likely to encounter when students engage in group discussions and suggest some potential approaches to work through them.

If you are interested in these videos, please click HERE.

English Mediated Instruction: UTokyo English Academia

English Academia is a course that includes contents and videos on English for academic communication that involve how to interact with others in seminars and academic conferences, and how to deliver classes. The course is currently closed, but the materials are open and will help you to familiarize yourself with English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English).

If you are interested in these videos, please click HERE.

Other Faculty Development programs

  • The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program

The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program (Pre FD for graduate students: FFP)

  • Interactive Teaching

Interactive Teaching