Interactive Teaching

Interactive Teaching is an instructional method that emphasizes educational communication among learners themselves and between learners and instructors, which is aimed at inducing, supporting, and encouraging active learning.

Interactive Teaching activities

We launched an online course based on the UTokyo FFP. It is open to people outside the University, welcoming more than 24,000 participants to date. Related activities include flipped classroom-style workshops of various sizes (from 20 to 300 people), which have been well received both on and off campus, an online course on the JREC-IN Portal website (*1), and the
following publications:
・Kurita, K., & Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation (JCERI) (Eds.). (2017). Interactive teaching: Active learning o unagasu jugyō dukuri
[Interactive teaching: Class design that promotes active learning]. Kawai Publishing. (*2)
・Nakamura, N., & Kurita, K. (Eds.). (2021). Interactive teaching jissen-hen 1: Manabi o unagasu jugyōsekkei: class design no sahō to jitsurei
[Interactive teaching practice 1: Class design that promotes learning: class design methods and cases]. Kawai Publishing. (*3)

*1 JREC-IN Portal is a “Career support portal site for all researchers and research staff who are pioneering innovation,” managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
*2 A book for learning how to teach based on the content of the online course “Interactive Teaching” with additional information
*3 A book that introduces the activities of the “Interactive Teaching Academy” and elaborates on class design methods through examples

Features of UTokyo FD Interactive Teaching

Interactive teaching activities

1.  The video clips of the “Interactive Teaching” program are available on the UTokyo FD website.

*Please note that the program is conducted in Japanese.
“Interactive Teaching” | How to Take the Course

2. If you would like to learn the contents through a course, please access Coursera, which allows you to acquire skills and earn your degree online from universities and companies worldwide.
Interactive Teaching | Coursera
Please note that you will be charged a fee for obtaining a certificate of completion. Otherwise, all the contents are available for free. Please check the website below for details.
“Interactive Teaching” Now Available on Coursera | Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, The University of Tokyo

3. The online course is also available on the JREC-IN Portal website.  Interactive Teaching (
(Please refer to *1 above for details.)


Features of UTokyo FD Interactive Teaching

  • It offers valuable information and learning related to teaching interactively.
  • It helps you learn about the basic knowledge and skills essential to teaching, such as class design methods, course design methods, active learning strategies, and evaluation methods. You can learn at your own pace.
  • This program is intended not only for graduate students and faculty members but also for all the people who are involved in teaching, such as teachers in primary/secondary education and those who are in charge of human resources development at private corporations.

Examples of programs offered by “Interactive Teaching”

“Interactive Teaching” is available free of charge on Coursera and JREC-IN Portal.

Interactive Teaching | Coursera
Interactive Teaching (

  • Let’s learn about active learning
  • Active learning strategies
  • Learning sciences
  • Let’s design a 90–minute class
  • Let’s design a more useful syllabus
  • Evaluations to promote learning
  • Let’s think about career paths PART 1: Reflection as a professor
  • Let’s think about career paths PART 2: Use of portfolios