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The Center is a facility for collaborative education and research within our university. We aim to support improvements in the quality of the University of Tokyo’s education and research, as well as the development of our university’s global education innovation. To accomplish this, we are promoting the following projects.

Support for making content available online

UTokyo OCW

OpenCourseWare (OCW) refers to activities that make courses and relevant information regularly provided at universities and other institutions available to the public free of charge online. The University of Tokyo began these activities in 2005, and since then has provided materials and videos from regular lectures that are offered with the University’s educational programs to people outside the University free of charge.

UTokyo eLF

The UTokyo eLF shares education and research content with people inside and outside our University, and encourages people to use it as educational material. This online learning management system doesn’t just share lecture videos and materials, it also makes it possible to manage users and to give short tests, evaluate them and add up the results, and more.

UTokyo TV

UTokyo TV makes videos of events available to the general public free of charge. These events include extension courses held at the University of Tokyo, open campus days, and a variety of symposiums and workshops.
UTokyo TV also shares videos of training and similar content that can be viewed only by students and faculty members of the University of Tokyo.


MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) are courses shared on the Internet that people can take inexpensively or free of charge. Participants come from all over the world, and carry out their studies using class videos, online tests, and other methods.
UTokyo offered two courses via Coursera as the first trial in Japan, and is now offering courses via Coursera and edX.

Faculty development (FD)

The University of Tokyo has set out the following philosophy for faculty development:
“To carry out faculty development on multiple levels and with multiple participants (including individual faculty members, university departments, and university colleges), acknowledging that this is an on-going and organization-wide effort aiming for a superior learning environment and the creating of learning opportunities, given our status as a globally recognized leading university.”

The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program (Pre FD for graduate students: FFP)

We have run a program to help graduate students who aim to become faculty members acquire skills and knowledge related to teaching at university since AY2013. This half-yearly program is also offered as a Common Graduate Course titled “Teaching Development in Higher Education.” It provides a learning environment for graduate students where they can learn in an active-learning style while building up a network across diverse research fields.

UTokyo FD in English

UTokyo Faculty Development (FD) in English encompasses the group of initiatives offered in English by the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education aiming to support the educational development of those who teach or aim to teach at university level. These initiatives, at present, involve two main programs focused on the development of teaching competences.

Interactive Teaching

We have offered an online FD program “Interactive Teaching” since 2014. It is a project to contribute to society, carried out with the support and cooperation of the Japan Center for Educational Research and Innovation. This program consists of practical materials to help the participants enhance their teaching skills and was taken by over 7,000 people both inside and outside of the university in AY2014.


We offer consultation services on teaching, including reviewing class designs, syllabi, and curriculums, starting new programs, and more.
Please feel free to contact us on any topics such as the improvement of syllabi, how to adopt new classroom methods, and FD training.

Sharing education information

The Online Course Catalogue

This Catalogue is a system that aims to enable users to look at all of the University of Tokyo’s undergraduate and graduate courses (more than 10,000), or search for a course and discover how subjects are related to each other.

UTokyo navi

UTokyo navi is a service that integrates and delivers information about a variety of events held by University of Tokyo departments and institutes. In addition to information about educational events, it also provides content that helps to make people’s lives on campus even fuller, including recommending locations in and outside of the university, and introducing internal university services.

Promoting language education

Promoting language education

These language programs aim to ensure that the active skills (writing, reading) needed for globalization are more than just simple communication tools—our goal is for participants to gain logical construction of thought and speech and to hold discussions on the same level as a native speaker.

Past projects