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Features of UTokyo MOOC

MOOC(Massive Open Online Courses)are courses shared on the Internet that people can take inexpensively or free of charge. Participants come from all over the world, and carry out their studies using class videos, online tests, and other methods. Participants take their course over a number of weeks or months, similar to a university course, and those who pass the course by gaining a certain result are issued with a certificate.

In addition to platforms such as edX and Coursera, which share courses in English, platforms that offer options in other languages, such as JMOOC in Japan, have become available since 2012.

UTokyo offered two courses via Coursera in September 2013 as the first trial in Japan, and are now, as of April 2019, offering a total of 15 courses (seven courses via Coursera and eight courses via edX) (University of Tokyo MOOC).

University of Tokyo Coursera
edX UTokyoX

MOOC Platforms

UTokyo shares online courses on two types of platform: Coursera and edX. These platforms host over 30 million registered participants, enabling the formation of a higher education platform on a global scale using MOOC.

The University of Tokyo’s Coursera website

  • An online course platform created by Stanford University
  • There are 117 participating universities and institutions from around the world

edX UTokyoX Website

  • Created by Harvard University and MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Offers courses free of charge across a wide range of fields with the aim of education and learning

For Potential Partners

MOOC Startup Package A startup guide to the MOOC basics and course development. Check it out!