UTokyo TV

UTokyo TV offers videos of events held at the University of Tokyo, such as open lectures and seminars.
All videos are available free of charge.

What is UTokyo TV?

UTokyo TV

The University of Tokyo launched “TODAI TV” (now known as “UTokyo TV”) in 2005.

UTokyo TV offers videos of events such as UTokyo Open Lectures, open campus events, symposiums, and workshops. These videos are free and available to the public.
Some videos are for special purposes such as training programs, which are offered exclusively to UTokyo staff and students.

In 2016, we started sharing some of our videos on the UTokyo TV YouTube channel.

Enjoy learning with our huge collection of videos created from research and educational activities at the University of Tokyo!


  • Videos of various events held at UTokyo
  • Free and available to the public
  • Over 1,200 videos
  • Some videos are also available on the UTokyo TV YouTube channel
  • Some videos are offered exclusively to UTokyo staff and students
  • Contents can be viewed with smartphones and tablets

UTokyo TV mascot: Pipili

Pipili is a fantastic animal who lives on Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo. It has been working as a member of UTokyo TV’s staff since 2016.
It usually flies about between the trees on campus, catching interesting information with the antenna on its head.

Pipili will always be waiting for you on the UTokyo TV website, videos, and Twitter!

UTokyo TV mascot: Pipili

Feature articles in UTokyo TV

Below are just a few of UTokyo TV’s feature articles.

Features:Let’s go to the University of Tokyo!” introduces you to some of the most popular mini-lectures given in the past at the University of Tokyo Open Campus for High School Students, which is held every August.

Features:Travel around the world 2” is for all of you who tend to stay home in the age of COVID-19. A series of videos will let you go on a virtual journey to a foreign country, different time, and even outside the Earth.

For UTokyo members and related people who would like to have their videos available on UTokyo TV

By providing the videos of open lectures and seminars held at the University of Tokyo online, you can reach a wide audience without the restriction of time and place.

A one-shot lecture or seminar can become long-lasting content available for everyone.

We hope our service could be helpful to you in sharing your educational and research activities at the University of Tokyo widely with the public.