UTokyo eLF

The eLF (e-Learning Forum) shares education and research content with people inside and outside our University, and encourages people to use it as educational material.

Features of the UTokyo eLF

UTokyo eLF

The UTokyo eLF went into full-scale operation in March 2017.

This online learning management system doesn’t just share lecture videos and materials, it also makes it possible to manage users and to give short tests, evaluate them and add up the results, and more.

Users can manage their learning and share content for a variety of different purposes, including collaborative research with universities and institutions inside and outside the University, and joint lectures/regular lectures/publicly available content for internal use.

We are also looking to use the UTokyo eLF as a platform to gather data for learning analytics.


  • This platform shares information with all users, inside and outside the University.
  • It can be used for user management, as well as to give short tests, evaluate them and add-up the results, and more.
  • We have developed an LMS using CANVAS (open source) as a base.
  • We aim to broaden our educational sphere through information exchange on the UTokyo eLF.