Past projects


PAGE programs were mainly intended for UTokyo faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students. We offered an online course named “UTokyo English Academia” and workshops to help them design and improve their classes when teaching in English.

Global Focus on Knowledge

Global Focus on Knowledge aimed to enable undergraduate students in their first and second years—students who are standing at the doorway to academia—to see great knowledge systems and their structures from a wider perspective, and in so doing created a space where students learned about the overall picture of each academic field and the organic connections between them.

Asahi Lectures

The University of Tokyo Asahi Lectures “The Adventures of the Mind: I Want to Think More and More, The World is Full of Mysteries” were a series of cross-faculty lectures held thanks to donations from the Asahi Shimbun Company.


MEET (Microsoft chair of Educational Environment and Technology)

Microsoft chair of Educational Environment and Technology (April 2006–March 2009)

Todai-Nomura Project

This project ran from September 2006 to August 2012. During this period, we carried out joint research related to the strengthening of the university funding system in Japan with Nomura Securities. We engaged in factual investigations about academic outcomes and the use of financing and the capital market in relation to the administration of universities in Japan, the US, and China, and we provided information that served as a reference when dealing with the financial affairs of Japanese universities.

Surveys inside and outside of the University

We carried out comprehensive questionnaires regarding the financial strategies of American universities and surveys about fundraising; the results were published in 17 collections as discussion papers and have been widely used by people related to universities.

Holding the Todai-Nomura University Management Forum

The Todai-Nomura University Management Forum was held five times as a place to announce the outcomes of our joint research. The forum themes were “Gifts and Donations,” “Endowments and Asset Management,” “Strategic Planning,” and “Institutional Research and Financial Simulation.”

For more details, please see the published Todai-Nomura discussion papers.

Forum 1: Strengthening the Financial Foundation of Universities Through Fundraising

Forum 2: Strengthening the Financial Foundation of Universities in Japan: Focusing on Policies and Systems Relating to Fundraising and Fund Management Based on Accountability

Forum 3: Considering the Medium- and Long-term Plans of Universities: Working to Strengthen Core Value

Forum 4: Considering the Medium- and Long-term Plans of Universities (2): Shaping Universities with Stakeholders

Forum 5: Considering the Creation of Universities that Pioneer Change

The University Funding and Asset Management Project (sponsored by MEXT)

We were sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to carry out the University Funding and Asset Management Project, which involved a survey and research on internal university systems and rules relating to university fundraising and management and published a report.

UTokyo navi

UTokyo navi gathers and delivers information about various events held by the departments and institutes of the University of Tokyo. In addition to providing information on educational events, it also helps you enrich your everyday life on campus by recommending locations inside and outside of the university and introducing internal university services.