UTokyo OCW

UTokyo OCW provides lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo freely available for anyone. It is one of the “Opening of the Gates of Knowledge” programs at the University.

What is UTokyo OCW?

UTokyo OCW

OpenCourseWare (OCW) refers to activities that publish lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of universities and other higher education institutions for free online. The University of Tokyo began these activities in 2005, and since then has provided lecture materials and videos used in our regular courses, compiled in line with the University of Tokyo education programs, to anyone even outside the University free of charge.

The contents on OCW not only serve as educational materials for students to learn by themselves but can also be used by faculty members as teaching materials.

One of the features unique to UTokyo OCW is a function (MIMA Search) that allows users to gain a visual understanding of how each lecture is connected to others. In addition, there is a function currently being trialed through which users can look for videos using keywords automatically extracted from the audio.
Some lectures are also available through UTokyo OCWx , where they have been re-edited into short clips.

We hope our service could be helpful to you in your learning/teaching.


  • Over 1,400 lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo are available (as of July 2020).
  • Anyone can view/use the resources free of charge.
  • Contents can be viewed with smartphones and tablets.
  • Various functions: My List function, keyword searches, and visual displays of the connections between lectures via MIMA Search.
  • The resources can be used as educational and teaching materials under our Creative Commons License (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works).

News from Daifuku-chan

Daifuku-chan, the mascot character of UTokyo OCW, uses this blog to introduce the “Guide of UTokyo OCW” which includes interesting lectures available on UTokyo OCW and convenient ways to make use of the website.

News from Daifuku-chan

Our mascot character, Daifuku-chan

For UTokyo faculty members who would like to publish their lectures on UTokyo OCW

By publishing your own lecture materials and videos online via UTokyo OCW, you can deliver your lectures to many different people, both inside and outside of the University.

The published contents can be utilized as educational materials for your own lectures.
Please make use of these resources for your on-demand online classes and flipped classrooms.

They will be extremely useful for student learning before and after the classes.

Please click on the link for more information.