I want to study using UTokyo’s online educational materials

I want to study using UTokyo’s online educational materials


The University of Tokyo makes e-learning content available to the public. This content includes class preparation and reviews, improving skills, and lifelong education, and anyone can make use of it.

For people who want to take their time studying

These are online educational materials that can be studied carefully over time. We also offer courses that issue completion or participation certificates for people who obtain certain grades.

University of Tokyo MOOC

Anyone from around the world can take these online courses and carry out their studies through class videos and online tests. Participants take their course over a number of weeks or months, similar to a university course, and those who pass the course by gaining a certain result are issued with a certificate.

  • UTokyo shares its online courses via two platforms: Coursera and edX
  • These courses have over 30 million registered participants
  • We offer courses free of charge across a wide range of fields with the aim of education and learning

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Learn academic English in your spare time with UTokyo English Academia!
Anyone can take this online course, but we especially recommend it for graduate students and faculty members who are not confident in using English, who would like to participate in the global academic exchange, or who would like to improve their teaching skills in English.

What you can learn through videos, quizzes, and discussions:

  • Basic knowledge necessary for academic communication in laboratories, academic conferences, and classes
  • Practical and advanced English expressions necessary for presentations, debates, e-mailing, phone calls, and succeeding in job interviews
  • The background, benefits, and issues related to the need to teach academic subjects in English

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UTokyo eLF

The eLF (e-Learning Forum) shares education and research content with people inside and outside our University, and encourages people to use it as educational material.

  • This platform shares information with all users, inside and outside the University.
  • It can be used for user management, as well as to give short tests, evaluate them and add-up the results, and more.
  • We have developed an LMS using CANVAS (open source) as a base.
  • We aim to broaden our educational sphere through information exchange on the UTokyo eLF.
UTokyo eLF

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For people who want to study informally

These online educational materials can be studied informally, and include UTokyo OCW, which enables users to view regular University classes whenever, wherever, and however many times they want to, and UTokyo TV, through which users can watch public classes and lectures whenever they like.

UTokyo OCW

UTokyo OCW provides lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo freely available for anyone. It is one of the “Opening of the Gates of Knowledge” programs at the University.

  • Over 1,400 lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo are available (as of July 2020).
  • Anyone can view/use the resources free of charge.
  • Contents can be viewed with smartphones and tablets.
  • Various functions: My List function, keyword searches, and visual displays of the connections between lectures via MIMA Search
  • The resources can be used as educational and teaching materials under our Creative Commons License (Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works).
UTokyo OCW

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UTokyo TV

UTokyo TV offers videos of events held at the University of Tokyo, such as open lectures and seminars. All videos are available free of charge.
Enjoy learning with our huge collection of videos created from research and educational activities at the University of Tokyo!

  • Videos of various events held at UTokyo
  • Free and available to the public
  • 約Over 1,200 videos
  • Some videos are also available on the UTokyo TV YouTube channel.
  • Some videos are offered exclusively to UTokyo staff and students.
  • Contents can be viewed with smartphones and tablets.
UTokyo TV

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