I want to improve my classes

I want to improve my classes


Interactive Teaching

Interactive teaching is a way of teaching that aims to draw out, support, and encourage proactive study from learners by emphasizing educational communication between learners and between learners and teachers.

We hold “real sessions” (face-to-face classes) over a three-day period for 20 people among those who have viewed the videos, furthered their learning, and completed the course.

During real sessions, participants can get involved in different types of work with other members, with a supervising faculty member facilitating.

  • This course is available free of charge on gacco, a website that offers massive open online courses (MOOC).
  • If they have furthered their learning through the videos and completed the course, people who are interested also have a chance to attend “real sessions” (face-to-face classes)!
  • This course offers valuable information and learning about teaching in an interactive manner.

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The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program (Pre FD for graduate students: FFP)

The University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program (UTokyo FFP) is for graduate students, postdocs, and young faculty/staff members affiliated with the University of Tokyo who aim to become faculty members with the goal of enhancing their teaching skills.

Participants gathered from different areas of research stimulate each other, and in so doing can increase their own teaching skills as they create valuable human relationships.

  • This program is for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty/staff members at the University of Tokyo.
  • It enhances their teaching and research skills.
  • Participants can create valuable networks by studying together with people from different fields across the University.
  • We accept applications for each semester in March and September every year.

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