UTokyo navi

UTokyo navi integrates and delivers information about events held by the departments and institutes of the University of Tokyo.

About UTokyo navi

A wide variety of educational events are continuously held at the University of Tokyo for people inside and outside the campus. These include open lectures and symposiums featuring prominent figures in academic and other fields. However, these plenty of valuable educational resources are not yet widely known to the public to be fully appreciated.

Events such as symposiums are particularly useful to UTokyo students as learning opportunities outside of their classes, and there was a growing need for a platform enabling them to easily access the information of those events. Therefore, in 2007, we launched “UTokyo navi” with the aim of providing information about educational events to UTokyo students.

UTokyo navi shares information about educational events held on campus via  LINE@ and Twitter.
It has now grown and can be used by UTokyo staff and people outside the campus, as well as by UTokyo students.

Expand your learning opportunities with UTokyo navi!

  • Integrates and delivers information about educational events held by the departments and institutes of the University of Tokyo
  • Information shared via: LINE@ and Twitter
  • Free to use

UTokyo navi mascots: Mememou and Navicco

Mememou and Navicco became friends of UTokyo navi in 2017.

A flock of Navicco usually gathers information for Mememou. It says, “Hmm. I see!” and broadcasts the information from its antenna to all of you.

Mememou and Navicco

For UTokyo academic/administrative staff who would like to post event information

By filling in the information about your event on the entry form and sending it to us, the information will be posted on our twitter and LINE@.

For more details, please visit “here.”