Global Focus on Knowledge

In the Global Focus on Knowledge Lecture Series, coordinators and world-renowned instructors provide first- and second-year undergraduate students with a complete picture of each academic area. The course is designed to let students look at the global knowledge system on a macro scale, help them think again about the significance and role of each subject, strengthen their motivation to study, and show them what they will be able to do with their acquired knowledge. We expect them to have a broader range of interests in the humanities, social sciences or natural sciences, and to develop their own perspectives on academic disciplines. The course lectures are videotaped and made public on the OpenCourseWare of the University of Tokyo (UTokyo OCW), iTunes U and UTokyo-eTEXT after the necessary permissions for copyrighted material are obtained.


Two lectures are given in each semester and a round of eight lectures is completed over two years. Six series among eight are fixed, covering three subjects in natural sciences and another three in liberal/social arts.


This lecture aims to give students the bird’s eye view of wider academic fields.