December 21, 2022

UTokyo TV YouTube Channel Reaches 100K Subscribers

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We are delighted to announce that the number of users subscribing to our UTokyo TV YouTube Channel reached 100,000 and that the YouTube Creator Awards Program awarded the channel the Silver Creator Award.

The University of Tokyo has run TODAI TV (today known as UTokyo TV) since 2005. UTokyo TV is a website that provides you with a wide variety of videos on open lectures and seminars held at the University.

We started delivering some of the videos on the UTokyo TV YouTube Channel in 2016. More than 1,200 videos are available today. The total number of views on our YouTube Channel is 14.99 million, and the total viewing time is 6.043 million hours, as of December 2022.

In addition to UTokyo TV, Division for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education also runs UTokyo OCW, where lecture materials and videos used in the regular courses of the University of Tokyo are published, and UTokyo MOOC, where you can learn with MOOC for free or at a low price, as part of supporting online education.

Enjoy learning with our huge collection of videos created from research and educational activities at the University of Tokyo!


Here are some of the recent popular videos on UTokyo TV:

Yu Koizumi “Let’s Think about Russia, the Land of Mystery” (Friday Special Lecture for High School and University Students)

Shigeki Uno “What Is Democracy? From a Historical Perspective” (Friday Special Lecture for High School and University Students)

Koichiro Kokubun “Issues of Administrative Power from the Perspective of Countermeasures Against COVID-19” (Friday Special Lecture for High School and University Students)