September 20, 2017


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We held the “Pre-FFP” on Hongo Campus on September 19th, 2017. Thirty participants consisted of graduate students, postdocs, and instructors.

The two-hour program included the following topics:

  • Changes in education and values of instructors
  • What is the University of Tokyo Future Faculty Program?
  • Trial Lesson (1) What is active learning?
  • Trial Lesson (2) Stimulating/maintaining/enhancing motivation
  • Educational philosophy and TA system of the University of Tokyo
  • Q&A session


Participants learned and experienced active learning strategies through the above topics. Most of them were new to each other, but they seemed to get along right away and actively engage in group activities. As an organizer, we are relieved to know that the program offered them an opportunity to know about the UTokyo FFP.

現在、東大FFPは、The application for the 10th Utokyo FFP is now open. We are planning to continually hold this Pre-FFP as a briefing session for the UTokyo FFP and a mini-lecture to learn about how to teach.