May 15, 2023

UTokyo FD Open “Course & Syllabus Design” “Class Design & Microteaching”

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  • Date:March 30 (Thursday ) and 31 (Friday), 2023
  • Location:Faculty of Education Building, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
  • Lecturer:Gabriel Hervas (Project Associate Professor)
  • Staff:Airi Kawakami
  • Language:English

Two workshops of UTokyo FD Open, “Course & Syllabus Design” and “Class Design & Microteaching”, were held on March 30th and 31st respectively in 2023.

These workshops were held at Hongo Campus. In total, 18 people participated in “Course & Syllabus Design”, and 10 in “Class Design & Microteaching”. The participants were diverse in affiliation, position, discipline, and region of origin.

More details on the event are available on the UTokyo FD website. Please follow the link below.

【Event Report】UTokyo FD Open “Course & Syllabus Design” “Class Design & Microteaching” – 東京大学ファカルティ・ディベロップメント | 東大FD | TODAI FD.COM | 東京大学