November 16, 2020

“Support via Chat” (Online Class / Web Conference Portal Site: Part 3)

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Online Class / Web Conference Portal Site @ the University of Tokyo | utelecon is a one-stop website to help students and faculty/staff members at the University of Tokyo collect information on online classes and web conferences.

Today we would like to introduce “Support via Chat” to you. It replies to various questions such as, “I can’t enter the virtual classroom,” or “I don’t know how to use the system.” Click here for the description of “Support via Chat.”

Access “Online Class / Web Conference Portal Site @ the University of Tokyo | utelecon,” and you will find a window with a Japanese sentence (「チャットサポートで質問できます」) in the lower right corner.

A chatbot will make an automated response to your questions and put you through to a human operator (student staff called “Common Supporter”) as necessary.

Keep choosing the right item from the options that come up in the menu, and you will hopefully find an answer to your question. In case you cannot find an item that suits your question or trouble, you will be put through to a human operator. (Business Hours (Operator): 8:30 AM–6:35 PM on weekdays (Mon–Fri))

Please feel free to use this service when you have any kind of trouble or questions with online classes and web conferences.


Please also read the following when using the service.


“Support via Chat” offers services through student staff called “Common Supporter” as necessary, and the number of staff members is limited. Therefore, please note that the service cannot respond to inquiries related to the examination in principle. If you have any questions or concerns related to the examination, please contact your instructor or the department/school that offers the course.

Business Hours of the operators are from 8:30 AM to 6:35 PM on weekdays (Mon–Fri), but please note that some hours may become unavailable according to their work schedule. (Chatbot service is 24 hours available.)

Please note that you may not be put through to an operator, depending on the volume of inquiries. In that case, please email us or try again later.

All the inquiries are recorded.

Please take great care when handling personal information. Specifically, please be sure NOT to input the following into the chatbot system: Common ID, student ID, age, and gender.

If the operator decides that the above personal information is needed to solve your problem, he/she will ask you to make an inquiry by email.