November 14, 2015

Short skill session program “Facilitation”

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This element was taught by the course skill session coordinator, Mr. Fujita Masanori (actor/producer at Ongakuza Musical). He used techniques from musicals to instruct us in an experiential 4.5-hour session concerning the theme “Making Space,” which involved collaborative exploration of the learning spaces of the new age. We learned four kinds of icebreakers and practiced self-introductions, which received a strong response in the online course. We also practiced how to project our voices through one-on-one sessions with actors from Mr. Fujita’s Ongakuza Musical. We were taught correct posture and how to walk aesthetically and got to experience the hot topic of improvisation, all useful content for the following day’s teaching. For the finale, all participants worked together to act out a scene and perform it.