February 19, 2021

Publication “English Academia: Learning academic English communication through stories” 

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We are pleased to announce that the free online course “English Academia,” produced by the PAGE project (Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, The University of Tokyo) is now available in print.

Our online course “English Academia” has already been used by more than 26,000 people. On converting the content into a book, we made improvements in visuals and added Japanese translation to the original English scripts.
An audio CD accompanies the book, so you can repetitively learn the content offline.








“English Academia: Learning academic English communication through stories”

This book is best for graduate students and young researchers who have troubles with:

✓ explaining their research in English.

✓ discussing with overseas students in English.

✓ making presentations at international conferences.

✓ giving lectures in English.

This book helps you learn various English phrases that researchers use in settings such as laboratories, international conferences, and lectures.
This book will surely be a guide for your journey with academic English!

Here is the index of the book.
Module 1 Introducing yourself and your research

Module 2 Explaining progress in your research in a lab meeting

Module 3 Discussing your research with a colleague

Module 4 Making a presentation at a poster session

Module 5 Giving a presentation at an international conference

Module 6 Socializing at a conference

Module 7 Facilitating group discussions

Module 8 Teaching a class as a guest lecturer

Module 9 Preparing for a teaching demonstration

Module 10 Finale


We hope our book will further enhance your learning!

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