Publication date:2018.10.05

KAKENHI WS in English

  1. On campus only
  2. Cancelled
Schedule 2018.10.10 〜 2018.10.16
Area Hongo
Target Audience Students / Faculty / Employees / General
Tag FD

We have given workshops on writing grant and fellowship applications as an alumni program of UTokyo Future Faculty Program.

  • UTokyo Future Faculty Program:
  • Reports on previous workshops: (I’m sorry that the articles are in Japanese)

This time, in conjunction with the Center for Global Communication Strategies, we are offering a two-day English workshop on writing applications for Kakenhi Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research for foreign staffs. We target those who are applying for the categories of “Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (“General” 基盤: Kiban)” and “Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists (若手: Wakate).”

We would love you to participate in the workshop if you:

  • are preparing an application for Kakenhi (mentee)
  • have received Kakenhi grants before and are willing to support those who apply (mentor)

– Synopsis

No matter how amazing a project you are proposing, it may not always get evaluated fairly if your ideas are not received as intended by the reviewer. The purpose of this workshop is to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly in your application. Consisting of peer reviews and commentaries by experienced grant writers, it helps you develop strategies and techniques for how to write Kakenhi applications in easily-digestible manners.

– Time and place

Day 1 Wednesday, October 10, 5:00 – 6:30pm @ KIBER 314

Day 2 Tuesday, October 16, 5:00 – 6:30pm @ KIBER 314

(it will be best if you come on both days, but it is possible to come on just one day)

– Tentative schedule (all in English)

— Day 1

17:00 – 17:15 Orientation

Self-introduction, overview

17:15 – 18:20 Whole-group review of applications

We will review and discuss successful applications together to identify the key points.

18:20 – 18:30 Reflection

— Day 2

17:00 – 17: 15 Orientation

Self-introduction, overview

17:15 – 18:20 Peer review of applications

In pairs, participants will read each other’s application and provide feedback. We will do our best to assign a mentor to pairs of participants who have not received Kakenhi grants in the past.

– Prior preparation

— Sign up on Slack

We will use Slack ( and I will send you information about participating slack workshop after your application to the workshop.

— Upload your application draft (for mentees only)

Write a first draft of your grant application and upload your application to Slack channel #application-draft at least one day before the workshop. The file name should conform to the following format:[kakenhi_applicaion_2018_category_name_v1.docx]

e.g., [kakenhi_application_2018_early career_Lui Yoshida_v1.docx]

— Upload your completed checklist (for mentees only)

Download the appropriate check-list from the link below:

Upload your completed checklist to Slack channel #checksheet at least one day before the workshop. The file name should conform to the following format:[kakenhi_checksheet_2018_category_name_v1.docx]

e.g., [kakenhi_checksheet_2018_early career_Lui Yoshida_v1.docx]

– Things to bring (mentors do not need to bring anything)

Draft of your application (two copies if you have received grants before; three copies if you haven’t)

Laptop (if you need it)

– Notes

  1. You are not allowed to disclose information about other participants’ applications outside the workshop.
  2. Participation in this workshop does not guarantee acceptance of a grant
  3. Organizers will not be responsible for other adversities
  4. To the extent possible, we will assign a mentor to pairs of participants who have not received Kakenhi grants in the past. We will decide the assignment based on the number of available mentors and the order of signing-up for the event.

– Sign-up form

Please input your information at least one day before the workshop



For inquiries, please use the inquiry form. We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Lui Yoshida, the College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo

Kayoko Kurita, Center for Research and Development of Higher Education, the University of Tokyo

(Great thanks to Dr. Daisuke Kimura for translation of this email.)