Publication date:2020.11.11

WS: Exploring Research Trajectories in Biology: Integrating Research into Teaching

  1. On campus only
  2. Application required
Schedule 2020.11.18
Area Hongo
Place Zoom Meeting style
Target Audience Undergraduate Students / Graduate Students / Faculty / Employees / Postdocs / New Instructors / General
Organizer Global Faculty Development Program (Komaba)
Tag FD

As part of our Global FD initiative at UTokyo, Global Faculty Development Program (Komaba) will be holding an FD Workshop on 2020, 18th November, Wednesday.

The lecturer will be Dr. Dina Newman, Associate Professor and Co-Director of The Molecular Biology Education Research group at the Rochester Institute of Technology.
Details about the workshop are listed below:

Exploring Research Trajectories in Biology:Integrating Research into Teaching

Date: 18th Nov. Wednesday, 2020 9:00-10:45 *JST

Place: Zoom Meeting style
Registration: Encouraged with the link below

Eligibility: All faculty, staff and students welcome!

Language: English and Japanese
* Simultaneous translation will be available.

Admission: Free

Inquiries: GFD committee e-mail:

Workshop description

Dr. Newman is an associate professor and co-director of the Molecular Biology Education Research (MBER) group at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

About 10 years ago, she shifted her research entirely from traditional laboratory science to biology education research. In the first part of this workshop, Dr. Newman will describe her background, why she chose to change her scholarship, and then how she approached the change in her research. In the second part of the workshop, she will describe her recent research using visual representations in molecular biology.

Tentative schedule

9-9:05am: Introduction
9:05-9:45: First session
(Dina will describe her professional trajectory and how she switched from biology research to pedagogical research in biology.)
9:45-9:55: Q&A
9:55-10:00: Breaktime
9:55-10:35: Second session
(Dina will discuss her recent research in molecular biology and, in particular, teaching genetics to undergraduate students.)
10:35-10:45: Q&A