Publication date:2022.10.31

Introduction of “Global FD Presentation ” held on November 8th

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Schedule 2022.11.08
Area Online
Place Zoom Meeting style
Target Audience Students / Undergraduate Students / Graduate Students / Faculty / Employees / Postdocs
Organizer GFD committee (KOMABA)

The Global Faculty Development (GFD) Program would like to invite you to the presentation which will be held on Tuesday,  November 8th. This presentation is a part of  “GFD Diversity Series ”.

The theme is “An Introduction to LGBTQ+ on Campus” and Guest speaker will be Mr. Euan McKay(*).     *Project Associate Professor in the Strategic Planning Office at Kobe University,.

This presentation is in two parts. The first will provide some basic information on sexual minorities in general, including terminology and basic concepts. The second will outline some of the results from our qualitative research on sexual minority students on Japanese university campuses, focusing on their challenges and coping strategies. A group discussion will follow each part.

Details about the workshop are listed below:

Title An Introduction to LGBTQ+ on Campus

Date: Tue, December 8th, 16:00-18:00 (JST)

Place: Hybrid style at The building called “KIBER”  in Komaba Campus =The Japanese name is 駒場地区キャンパス  駒場国際教育研究棟= , and   “Zoom Meeting style”

Event page: 11.8 GFD Diversity Series An Introduction to LGBTQ+ on Campus

Eligibility: All faculty, staff, and students welcome!

Registration: Encouraged with the link   Registration  (Link will be sent to all registered participants the day before the workshop)

Language: English only   *Japanese subtitles will be added later to the event recording.

Admission: Free

Inquiries: GFD committee

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