Working Papar No.1 Report of the International Workshop on HIGHER EUCATION REFORM IN JAPAN AND GERMANY: Transformation of State-University Relation(2005) download1 download2 download3
Working Paper No.2 Worldwide Perspectives of Student Financial Assistance Policies:Searching Relevance to Future Policy Reform for Japanese Higher Education (2008) download

Working Paper No.3 System Differentiation and Funding Shifts in Chinese Higher Education (2009)  download

Working Paper No.5「Invisible college and perspective of higher education network in Asia」(2012)

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Working Paper No.6「日英高等教育改革の動向 Higher Education Reforms in the UK and Japan」(2012)download

Working Paper No.7「我が国における高等教育の国際化のマッピング」 Mapping Internationalization in Higher Education in Japan download

Working Paper No.8 Access and Cost-Sharing in Japanese Higher Education download

Working Paper No.9 Perspectives of Student Financial Assistance Policies Front Page Preface Contents intro to conclusion


Monograph 7 Comparison of Global University Rankings (2007) monograph7_1 monograph 7_2