Center for Research and Development of Higher Education – The University of Tokyo

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  • IR (Institutional Research)
  • University assessment and quality assurance
  • University Ranking and Benchmarking
  • Surveying current students and graduate students
  • Surveying higher education policy and finance

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  • Global Focus on Knowledge
  • UTokyo OCW
  • UTokyo-eTEXT
  • Online Course Catalogue
  • International Program(IARU-GSP)

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  • UTokyo TV
  • iTunes U
  • UTokyo NAVI
  • FD
  • Active Learning
  • Leading Edge Program

About us

As the leading institution for the development of society’s human resources, the university is expected to play a leading role in educational reform, especially in this age of rapid globalization and economic stagnation in Japan.

The University of Tokyo faces many challenges that must be addressed at the university-wide level, including the internationalization of education and the reorganization of the academic calendar, the development of new curricula, and restructuring the career paths of those with advanced education.

Our center is an engine for such educational reform.

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Three Divisions for Educational Reform

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