About the course

Introductory Movie


Nicola Galloway
Dr. Nicola Galloway is a specialist in English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English). She is Lecturer in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Edinburgh.
*The instructor's affiliation is correct as of 24 September 2020.

Course Structure

English Academia 3 (EA3) is an online course on English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English). Dr Nicola Galloway, who is one of the leading experts in EMI, was invited from the University of Edinburgh as an instructor. She will explain the definition of EMI, background on the increasing provision of EMI, and issues related to EMI.
Modules 1–10 include lecture videos and other activities such as quizzes and discussion forums. Module 11 presents the final assignment. Each module lasts for 30–40 minutes. You can study the modules at your own pace in your spare time.*
*The final assignment in Module 11 was to write an essay, which involved a peer-review process among the learners. Please note that Module 11 is no longer available and that only Modules 1–10 can be viewed as an archive.

We addressed the following two points when developing this course:

The activities are designed in a manner that enables you to apply what you have learned in your own context!
This course does not merely overview the definition and scope of teaching academic subjects in English but also helps you apply what you have learned in your own context by working on the activities. You get the opportunity to analyze what you would/should do in your own context rather than merely watching lecture videos.
A discussion forum is installed to allow you to network worldwide to discuss issues related to EMI!
Using this platform, you can communicate with other learners and also instructors. It enables you to share practices and discuss issues related to teaching academic subjects in English with practitioners all around the world to improve your own classroom methodologies. *Please note that the discussion forum is unavailable in the archive.

While EA1 and EA2 foundational courses on academic English, EA3 is an advanced course that acquaints you with EMI. EA3 will help you acquire comprehensive knowledge of and skills at teaching academic subjects in English. Please make use of this course to improve your career prospects.
*Please note that English Academia 3 is prepared in British English for it to be consistent with the language used by the instructor.