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Course Structure

English Academia 2 (EA2), a course for the learners who completed English Academia 1 (EA1), was developed to supplement the situations and skills that EA1 could not cover. Therefore, it is an advanced course with much broader English expressions.

This course consists of five modules, and each can be completed in approximately 30–40 minutes. Just like EA1, this course can be completed at your own pace in your spare time.

We addressed the following two points when developing this course:

Complying with our users’ requests, we added modules for learning presentation skills!
Many users of EA1 expressed an interest in improving their presentation skills. Therefore, we added Module 1 for “Explaining Graphs, Charts, and Tables” and Module 2 for “Improving Non-verbal Communication Skills.” There were also requests for help in expressing opinions logically, so we adopted Module 4 for “Making an Argument in a Debate.”
We added practical modules on preparation for overseas research activities!
We also reflected the voices of Japanese researchers who are working actively worldwide. We have listed a number of English expressions necessary for “Asking for Favors and Making Inquiries by Email and Telephone” in Module 3. In Module 5, “Getting Interviewed for Academic Jobs,” we provided tips to explain research results and experiences as an instructor in English.

EA2 is a program for learning English to further enrich your research life, but it is at the same time a step for young researchers to enhance their skills to teach in English. English skills necessary for presentation and research life share much in common with English skills necessary for delivering lectures and advising students in laboratories. Used together with EA1, EA2 will be a great help in improving your career!