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English Academiaとは

English Academia(イングリッシュ・アカデミア)は、文部科学省からの助成を得て開発された、研究者向けオンライン教育プログラムです。大学院生等の若手研究者を対象として、学術コミュニケーションに関する英語能力を高める内容の教材となっています。





東京大学 大学総合教育研究センター 講師
藤本 徹

About English Academia

English Academia is an online educational program for researchers, which was funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It is a program to enhance English skills for academic communication of young researchers such as graduate students.

In this program, drama unfolds as a young researcher experiences different situations in the world of academia. As users follow the protagonist, they acquire English communication skills applicable to their research life. For example, they are able to learn things, such as how to introduce themselves, make presentations at seminars, socialize at seminars and workshops, engage in question-and-answer sessions at international conferences, and do microteaching.

In addition to this engaging content, we developed the program to fit the needs of busy people. English Academia can run on smartphones and tablets as well as PCs, and students can complete the program at their own convenience.

This program is mainly intended for graduate students at the University of Tokyo, but it is open to graduate students and researchers of other universities and general users for free.

Universities and research environments are challenged to globalize. It would be our great pleasure to contribute to all the researchers who wish to work actively worldwide.

On behalf of the project,
Toru Fujimoto, Ph.D.
Center for Research and Development of Higher Education
The University of Tokyo