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Nicola Galloway
Dr. Nicola Galloway is a specialist in English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English). She is Lecturer in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Edinburgh.
*The instructor's affiliation is correct as of 24 September 2020.

Course Structure

English Academia 4 (EA4) is an online course focusing on “what English” is and should be used in English medium instruction (EMI: teaching academic subjects in English). Following the previous series, EA3, Dr. Nicola Galloway (University of Edinburgh), who is one of the leading experts in EMI, will continue to be in charge of this course as an instructor. From the perspective of applied linguistics, she will explain the historical background of the English language, which has developed into a lingua franca, thus blurring the boundary between “native” and “non-native” concepts. She will further explore the framework of “Global Englishes,” which is instrumental in illustrating how the English language is changing and developing globally, and examine how it can be applied in EMI settings.

The course consists of 10 lecture videos.
Each session lasts for 30–40 minutes. You can study at your own pace during your spare time, just like EA1–EA3.

While developing this course, we capitalized on the following areas to guarantee its effectiveness:

We have designed pre-lecture activity to help learners comprehend the lecture videos!
We have prepared pre-lecture activity for every lecture. Through this activity, you can familiarize yourself with the technical terms and refer to the EA3 slides relevant to the lecture to deepen your comprehension.
We have developed a discussion forum to allow you to network worldwide and discuss issues related to EMI!
We have designed a discussion forum that allows you to communicate with other learners and also instructors in constructive discussions. We have also prepared four discussion issues that enable you to apply what you learn to your own context and deal with imaginary cases. The forum also allows you to share practices and discuss issues related to “what English” is and should be used in EMI with practitioners all around the world.
*Please note that the discussion forum is unavailable in the archive.

While EA3 aims to explore the background, benefits, and issues related to the need to teach academic subjects in English, EA4 capitalizes on helping you acquaint yourself with the historical background and present situation of the English language from the perspective of applied linguistics and discusses “what English” is and should be used in EMI. Therefore, EA4 is an advanced version of EA3, and it delves into the essence of English in EMI. Please make use of this course to improve your career prospects.
*Please note that English Academia 4 is prepared in British English to ensure that it is consistent with the language used by the instructor.