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Course Structure

In the age of rapid globalization of universities, there is an increasing demand for researchers and graduate students to conduct research and share results in English. English Academia 1 (EA1) was developed for young researchers and graduate students who would like to work actively in academia.

This course consists of 10 modules, and each lasts approximately 30 minutes. You can learn at your own pace in your spare time, even if you are busy!

The modules address different situations that require academic English communication, such as laboratories (Modules 1–3), academic conferences (Modules 4–6), and classes (Modules 7–9). You can learn the basic knowledge necessary for communicating in English in those contexts.

After learning academic communication with basic English in EA1, practice your English in real settings. You can master the English expressions by actually using the language. If you would like to brush up your English skills in more advanced academic communications, we recommend English Academia 2.

We are excited about the ways this course can enrich your research life!