Hervas Nicolas, Gabriel

Division for Quality Enhancement of Higher Education

Hervas Nicolas, Gabriel

Project Associate Professor

Faculty Development, Academic Development, Educational Development, and Teachers' Training.
Research Topics
Faculty Development, Academic Development, Educational Development, and Teachers' Training.
PhD in Education (Faculty Development). Master's Degree in Teaching in Higher Education, Master's Degree in Teaching in Secondary Education, Master's Degree in Research and Innovation in Education, Master's Degree in Second Language Learning. Bachelor's Degree in Teaching in Primary Education, Bachelor's Degree in History.


In charge of “The University of Tokyo Global Future Faculty Development Program” (UTokyo Global FFDP) and of Faculty Development (FD) initiatives in English. To learn more, please visit

Most relevant recent publications

– Hervas, G. (2022). Public relations as part of the work of academic developers: A vignette on our role at a Japanese university. International Journal for Academic Development. 

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