University Contents Archive

Report Reference Service

The Center started the reference service of a part of collected materials on 3rd April, 2006. Users from inside and outside the University have used the service.

Materials Available for the Reference Service

Self-assessment reports, student life research reports, etc. collected from private and public universities from all areas in Japan

The library of the center includes a variety of books on higher education (in Japanese and foreign languages), statistics and reports, and government publications. Please refer to our staff for detail.

Office Hours & Guideline
  • Service Hour: Monday to Friday, 10:30-12:00 and 1:00-4:00
  • The office is closed at four pm every day. Please be noted that users must visit during these hours.
  • The office is closed on Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and new-year holidays.
  • A reference room is located inside the Center on the first floor in Administration Bureau 2nd Building.
  • The reference room is at the corner of the Office where our staffs regularly meet due to spatial and staffing issues.
  • Please bring your ID (e.g. student ID) when you use the service.
  • Only reference service is offered. No loan is permitted.
  • Copy service is not offered. Materials can be loaned for limited hours for users who need a copy of materials.

Provision of Information on Individual University Data

The Center is creating chronological database on the number of students at each university (by department and graduate school) as well as individual database on universities as a part of fundamental research on university reform activities. Some of the data is disclosed for public, although the use of the database is restricted and allowed only for educational or research purposes or for those who belong to the University of Tokyo. Please refer to the following address for details: