1996.5 The Center for Research and Development of Higher Education is established (Reorganized from the Tokyo University Research Room, Yasuda Auditorium 3rd Floor) Basic Research Division and Division for Learning Environment and Educational Technology established
1997.2 The University of Tokyo Current Status and Challenges II Feature: Undergraduate Education published
2001.3 The University of Tokyo Current Status and Challeges III Feature: The University of Tokyo in the Middle of Globalization published
2005.4 The University of Tokyo Course Catalogue published
2005.5 OCW (Open Course Ware) launched
2005.10 Global Focus on Knowledge started
2005.12 TODAI TV launched
2006.4 Microsoft Endowment Lectureship established (completed 2009.3)
2006.9 Todai-Nomura Joint Project established
2007.10 Todai Navi launched
2009.3 University Education Achievement Survey established
2010.8 The University of Tokyo iTunes U launched
2011.6 Division for Promoting Educational Reform established
2011.10 Asahi Shimbun Sponsored Research Program Interdepartmental Educational Program established
2012.12 Todai Future Faculty Program established
2014.3 EdX (MOOC) launched
2014.4 Special Projects “Construction of global standard of university curriculum and global classroom” established

Past Project