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To fully support education at the University of Tokyo toward “Learning for the Future”

The Center for Research and Development of Higher Education promotes the evolution of education at the University of Tokyo from university-wide perspectives. The Center collects and analyzes information on educational activities throughout the University, supports the development of curriculum and the implementation of learning environments for its education, and builds a new university-wide educational infrastructure utilizing information and communication technology (ICT). The Center signifies itself as the only function to support education in these manners in the University of Tokyo.
Education, as well as research, is the cornerstone of the University of Tokyo. Promoting the evolution of education from the university-wide viewpoints is an essential task for the future of the University.
Therefore, the Center collaborates with all departments concerning education at the University to proceed with the following tasks: 1. A preliminary survey on university reform through collecting and analyzing basic data on the education offered at the University; 2. Support of education from the university-wide perspectives such as the provision of Global Focus on Knowledge Lecture Series and the inter-departmental education, and promotion of university-wide initiatives for the publication of information on its education such as Online Course Catalogue and UTokyo OpenCourseWare (OCW); 3. Development of educational technology using ICT, support of faculty development (FD) as a university-wide collaboration, and the development of a learning environment and educational technology for promoting the Future Faculty Program for young researchers. The Center also operates for the promotion of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at the University and the provision of a course in collaboration with Asahi Shimbun.
All these efforts are being made to contribute to “Learning for the Future” at the University of Tokyo.
The Center for Research and Development of Higher Education will continue to support education with elaboration and efforts so that the Center will contribute furthermore to the evolution of the University of Tokyo.

Director of the Center for Research and Development of Higher Education
Osamu Sudoh


The Educational Planning Office is the core of the Center’s institutional reform. The Center’s foremost mission is both to advance undergraduate education and to make contributions towards this goal through research studies. With this aim in mind, the Educational Planning Office promotes the reform of undergraduate education and the university evaluation system through basic efforts including actively participating in university-wide improvement efforts and cooperating with the activities of the Education Steering Committee.


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