Lectures in 2016

The topic for 2016 is “What to conserve, What to change.”【チラシ表】2016









Lectures in 2015

The topic for 2015 is “On Medium/Media.”2015









Lectures in 2014

The topic for 2014 is “Knowledge for Coexistence.”2014朝日講座B2








Lectures in 2013

2013 朝日講座チラシ2

The topic for 2013 is “Exploring Boundaries: From Human Beings, Family and Society to Territory, State and Outer Space.”








Lectures in 2012

朝日講座2012 基本ポスター2

The topic for 2012 was “Knowledge and Happiness: Examining the Relationship in the Context of Academic Research.”








 Lectures in 2011

朝日講座2011 基本ちらし_縮小

The topic for 2011 was “Towards a Rebirth of Spirit and Landscape after the Great East Japan Earthquake.”